Color Guard Project

TMB Color Guard is our group of young girls who have a peculiar talent for dance and performing arts.
They use several choreographic equipment, such as flags, rifles and sabers, and their presence
complements, values and enhances the shows and parades of the Marching Band. The two groups usually
perform together during competitions and other events.
Over the past years, the concept of Color Guard has evolved into an autonomous discipline, which is no
more seen as a visual support to a marching band, but as a separate activity which expresses itself as a true
indoor sports discipline, mainly performed during the winter and spring season at specific events and
There, color guards perform technical and artistical programs on recorded music of different genres.
In Europe there are a lot of indoor competitions, such as the Winter Guard, where a team of international
judges evaluates the musical choice, the technique and the dramatic effect of the performances. The
Winter Guard project repeats every year starting from October to end with the European events during
Our TMB Color Guard, after growing on a national level and spurred by the positive evaluations received,
have taken part in some European competitions as well. In the past few years, the group performed at the
WGI UK and at the Color Guard Netherland, besides their participation in every Color Guard & Percussion
Day, the annual Italian event organized by IMSB.
The growth process of the Color Guard project started several years ago with Dutch instructors. In recent
years, a valuable co-operation started between TMB Color Guard and the instructors Richard Gubby and
Greg Howard, who perform with some of the top groups in Europe, Mayflower Performing Arts and
Kidsgrove Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps, thanks to whom our girls have embarked on a convincing
competitive activity which has been greatly rewarding.
Our project and is open to all those who want to share their passion and have a possibility to meet with
Italian and European groups in a discipline which combines dance, technique, emotions and performance.
The Winter Guard project repeats every year starting from October to end with the European events during
winter. All year round, though, our specific Color Guard courses are open to young girls and boys from the
age of 6, organized into weekly courses, band camps and training clinics with international instructors.