School and Instructors

The MUSIC SCHOOL of Triuggio Marching Band is open to all those who want to join this innovative group.

We have courses of music theory and playing for those who approach the music world for the first time, particularly for kids aged 7 and older.

Besides music lessons, we also organize classes to acquire our marching style, so that each student can join the group rather rapidly.

Moreover, TMB teachers have been cooperating for several years with local ELEMENTARY AND JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLS developing specific educational projects to create school marching bands. These projects are promoted by the Italian Association of Marching Show Bands, IMSB.


Our Instructors


              Paolo Colombo




Drum major, woodwind and ensemble instructor






               Graziella Corbo





Colour guard instructor and visual choreographer





            Francesco Vassena





Low-brass instructor





                 Andrea Baroldi





Trumpet and mellophone instructor





   Cristian Daniel





Drumline instructor